George Clooney Nespresso Deal is Worth $40 Million.

George Clooney Nespresso “what else?” George Clooney was the highest male actor in the world in 2018, technically the highest-paid actor in the world as no actress came close to what he earned.

What is surprising is that the famous actor had not featured even in a single movie and yet he managed to beat actors who were featured in a couple of movies including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

George Clooney Net Worth:

George Clooney Nespresso

George has a Net worth of around 500 million dollars and every year he keeps on getting richer and richer even though he has not been featuring in lots of films lately.

Wondering where George’s money comes from? Well, it happens that George is the brand ambassador of tequila, one of the most famous drinks in the world. Just last year alone, Clooney collected a paycheck of 239 million dollars.

And that’s not all, George has also been the brand ambassador for famous Switzerland based coffee company, Nespresso since the year 2006.

He has been the face of Nespresso for more than a decade and it seems the company is impressed by him because they keep on renewing his contract, most recently in 2018.

You can check some of George Clooney Nespresso ad from YouTube and see how well your favorite character from the Oceans franchise is faring in the Nespresso ad. If you have not heard about Nespresso and their coffee machines, here is what you need to know.

What you need to know about Nespresso

George Clooney Nespresso

Well, I doubt you haven’t heard about this company because it is without a doubt one of the most successful companies in the coffee world. They create, manufacture, and sell Coffee of high quality to their customers.

They also offer various Nespresso coffee machines and not forgetting coffee cups, coffee capsules holders, coffee spoons, trays, etc. they practically offer everything related to coffee. So why did such a successful company choose George Clooney to do the ads?

Why George Clooney for the Nespresso ad?

George Cloony

Well, it turns out that they were not hiring him to work as the brand ambassador for this long. He was hired just like any other person could have been hired but once he did his first Nespresso ad in 2006, the fans were charmed by his elegance, and from there the rest history.

His elegance and authenticity are one of the reasons why Nespresso is where it is today (Sorry Nespresso for the exaggeration).

If you have not tried Nespresso coffee and you are thinking about getting one of their machines, here are some reasons to fuel your need even more.

Nespresso: the easiest way to your morning coffee

Nespresso Machine

For those who have tried Nespresso coffee, they can agree with me that there is no going back. Their coffee and Coffee Machines are available all over the world and choosing one of their machines especially the new ones will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Here are the top reasons why choosing Nespresso coffee machines will be in your best interests.

  • Quick

Making a cup coffee using a Nespresso coffee machine is super easy. You just need to switch it on and the machine will heat up within a minute and you will have your cup of coffee and head over to work.

  • Convenient

Nespresso capsules come in a wide variety of flavors, roasts, and styles. To be precise, they are 23, meaning finding the one you love will be pretty easy. Plus the newer machines come with additional free capsules for trials so you can start drinking your favorite flavor the moment you buy the coffee machine.

Nespresso Machine coffee

  • Compact

The Nespresso coffee machines are designed in such a way that they have a very small footprint. A machine you can use comfortably from your office since it will not take up much space like most home coffee machines and the good thing is that it will still provide a great cup of coffee.

  • Easy to use

The ease of use is another reason why you should consider Nespresso coffee machines. All you need to do is fill the tank with water, add in the capsules, and set your desired taste and you are good to go. So if you like it easy, this is your perfect choice.

  • Variety

Nespresso offers a wide range of coffee machines so whether you love your Espresso straight up or you like some milk added into it, you will find a machine that suits your needs.