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Coffee – the favorite drink of the civilized world.
Thomas Jefferson

Espresso machines review

Nowadays the Espresso machine is available in just about any style or configuration you could possibly imagine. There are a few different types of espresso machines 

Iced coffee

Iced coffee is getting more and more popular. You can find it in every coffee shop. There is an iced version for every coffee drink – cappuccino, latte, Caffé Mocha, macchiato.

The espresso was invented for its brevity, but has stayed due to its powerful taste and versatility.

flavored coffee

flavored coffees is amazing, the biggest sellers being French vanilla, Irish cream, hazelnut,  and chocolate

This article hopefully will inspire you to begin to create your own Cappuccinos at home

Everything you need to know about the different Types of Espresso machines: Super-automatic; Semiautomatic; Manual; & Professional

coffee beans

The way that you should store coffee depends on what form you buy it in. Pre-ground coffee loses its freshness much faster than the actual beans do

latte vs cappuccino

Want to know how to save 600 calories and almost your total daily saturated fat allowance (25g) in your coffee break? for a venti Americano with some hot skinny milk (about 50 calories)

Turkish coffee Ibrik

The Ibrik method, also called Turkish or Greek, consists of tossing pulverized coffee grounds into a vessel with water. The water is boiled with the grounds multiple times. 

Espresso milk-based beverages, such as cappuccinos and lattes, taste best when made with rich, full-fat milk. In these drinks, choice of milk improves more than just flavor

decaffeinated coffee

Drinking decaf doesn’t mean selling out on flavor, aroma or quality. It should taste the same as caffeinated coffee if the caffeine is removed properly