Latte vs Cappuccino Calories | Caffeine

Latte vs Cappuccinos

Latte vs Cappuccino Calories Want to know how to save 600 calories and almost your total daily saturated fat allowance (25g) in your coffee break? Swap a Starbucks venti whole milk white chocolate mocha with whipped cream (625 calories) for a venti Americano with some hot skinny milk (about 50 calories). That’s an extreme example, … Read more

How to make Iced Coffee ~ Easy, Fast way

iced coffee recipe easy

Iced coffee is getting more and more popular. You can find it in every coffee shop. There is an iced version for every coffee drink – cappuccino, latte, Caffé Mocha, macchiato. But why you need to depend on others to make your favorite iced coffee drink, why don’t you make it yourself? There are many … Read more

Best Espresso Coffee: Define a Great Espresso

Espresso Coffee

The espresso coffee was invented for its brevity but has stayed due to its powerful taste and versatility. Espresso is a highly concentrated coffee drink, the basis of a litany of beverages found in cafés all around the world. Some people mispronounce it “expresso”—an almost intuitive mistake considering the quick process to make the drink. Making … Read more

How to make Flavored Coffee | Flavored Syrup

Flavored Coffee

Flavoring coffee is as old as the beverage itself. The Arabs were the first coffee connoisseurs to add such spices as cinnamon to their beloved brew. Other Middle Easterners followed, with the addition of cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and even ground nuts. Spirits, chocolate, and citrus peels were also included later on. Once Coffee was … Read more

Decaffeination – How is Coffee decaffeinated?

Drinking decaf doesn’t mean selling out on flavor, aroma or quality . . .  It should taste the same as caffeinated coffee if the caffeine is removed properly. — Rosemary Furfaro A little history: Decaffeination: Kaffee Hag in Germany, Sans caffeine (“Sanka”) in France, and Dekafa in the United States. From its earliest history, there … Read more

Perfect Iced Coffee: 10 Recipes

Iced coffee recipes

In this article, you will find 10 different recipes about how to prepare iced coffee, Eiskaffee in German, at home. So let’s start and enjoy your best coffee drink in summer: Iced coffee. 1. Spiced Cola Coffee An invigorating innovation for caffeine-cravers!4 ounces (115 ml) hot, fresh espresso or strong coffee1 cinnamon stick + 3 … Read more