Who We Are?

Our Mission

Who we are? that’s a philosophical question, so it may be need a metaphorical answer:

 We are the shield that protect the realm of coffee, we know everything about it: its taste, the best flavor, the characteristics of its beans… simply we are fans, true ones. So enjoy your time being here with us, we hope that we will make a great companion. Welcome friends and we are delighted to have you here. Bring your favorite cup of coffee, because you have a lot of things to discover here.  
We’re a team of dedicated specialty coffee professionals with the knowledge, experience and skills to grow your coffee business.

Our people: We’re a dedicated team who have had the privilege of turning over love and specialty coffee into our careers.

Extraordinary Experiences

Here we would like to outline a few things about the website:

the reason: Why would we do it?

we want to take advantage of the modern technology to share our views on the coffee world, results of our work, researches etc. with people who might be interested it.

How often will it come out?

we hope to produce 3 to 5 blogs/articles a week, depending on our other commitments.

Our Core Values

How can a reader participate in it?

You can ask us a question, which can then be posted, along with the answer. Suggestions and

Comments will be very welcome as well. Also, you can forward our blogs to other people. If they will contact us, we will gladly add them to our mailing list.

Finally, If you can print out our blogs and enjoy reading it while having morning coffee or evening tea, we would feel that our goal is accomplished.